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How To Come Up With Innovative Ideas For Your Business With This Clever Formula

He was the original seer of self-help who not only inspired millions, but also had a clever technique to kickstart the creative process and come up with mind blowing ideas.

Do you know who I am talking about?

His name was Earl Nightingale.

His special formula was:

Combination, Adaptation, Substitution and Re-arrangement

Here’s how it works.


Consider new ways of combining things to come up with something different, cool and innovative. Think of the Swiss Army Knife or Iphone for inspiration!


This works by adapting something that works well in one area on some other problem entirely. Think the Shinkansen Bullet Train, the nose of which mimics a kingfisher’s beak.


This is about changing one thing for another less obvious ‘thing’. Just as someone on a healthy diet might swap ice cream for yoghurt or fries for a salad. Just because something already works well, it doesn’t mean something else won’t work even better!


This is all about re-looking at what you already do, and playing around with it to make it even better. Turn it upside down, inside out, place it somewhere else. You get the picture.

Can you think of ways you can you apply this process to your own products, services or life?

It might just make you a fortune.


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