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Our Services

Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses 

✔️Compelling email newsletters and sequences
✔️Brand storytelling
✔️Sales pages and landing pages
✔️Defining your USP and marketing message
✔️Draft talks and keynote speeches
✔️Helpful copy critiques
✔️Coaching and mentoring
✔️Online courses

Online Programs & Consulting

Whether you are just starting out on your business journey or would like some help with your copy and marketing strategy, our coaching and consulting services are customised to meet your specific needs. 

We also have an online academy for growing businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs. 

SMEs & Enterprises

✔️Strategic brand and marketing communications
✔️Internal employee communications
✔️Brochures and brand messaging
✔️Website copy, newsletters and product launch copy
✔️Thought leadership articles
✔️Draft talks and keynote speeches
✔️Copy for media and staff interviews

What Other People Are Saying


Eleanor is my go-to-person for everything related to copywriting. She understands how to craft compelling copy that resonates with my target audience. I asked for help when I launched the Design Buffs website and she had incredibly useful tips on how to optimise the copy to get better results from a conversion point of view. Every entrepreneur, founder or digital marketer can benefit from Eleanor’s experience, love & passion in the area of compelling storytelling, branding & copy that converts. I cannot recommend Eleanor highly enough. She’s really one of the best out there

Jules White TEDx Speaker, International Sales Coach, Author

Eleanor has been such a great addition to my team! She takes time to understand exactly who you are and what message you want to relay to your audience. That’s very special and add to that she is comfortable to advise and give you her view as an outsider to your business.

This is the magic - we are too close to our own businesses and when we can trust someone, to be honest, yet effective that is something pretty awesome! Thank you Eleanor - you have been wonderful 😊


I've had the pleasure of being a client of Eleanor's for the past 3 years. Coming out of a successful corporate career, in 2016, I created my own business. Eleanor has been a valued partner and trusted advisor as I have developed the voice of my business. Creating alignment to new markets, new ways of engaging clients and audiences is a dynamic process now within the age of digital marketing. Eleanor's ability to listen and synthesize the intended message I have is not only a skill but it represents the relationship capital for my business I am creating.

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