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Copywriting is the art of creating compelling written content which not only engages the reader but leads them to take a specific action (i.e. most commonly to buy a product) but it can be to sign up to your email newsletter, join your online course etc.

And this is why copywriting is so important for your business.


Copy Critiques

Is your copy misbehaving? Is there something ‘not quite right’ but you just cannot put your finger on it? Could your copy do with an expert second pair of eyes?

Getting a copy critique is ideal for those who either want to keep their voice but just need a few tweaks as well as those who need to bring old copy back to life.


Content Creation 

Content can be anything from informative and compelling posts on your website, right through to engaging and relevant content that forms part of successful social media and sales campaigns.

Podcasts, live streaming, and social media platforms all need the right content to tell your story and attract your ideal audience.


What ​other smart people are saying about us

Emma Hales Founder of Daydreams & Ice Creams
Dror Harel Country Manager Hungary, Air France - KLM
Tara-Tamiko Digital Marketing Consultant
Wayne Hatter Your WordPress Made Simple
Timea Szalai-Tuza Marketing Manager, WIZZ Air
Susan White Creative Heart - Ovio Wellness
Chikako Tarui Nutritional Therapist
Dr Ors Penzes Lawyer
Kriszta Sahira Toth Lover of Life. Heart Centred Dance and Fitness Coach
Randy Simor Medi Tours Hungary
Bianka Benko Stagland Budapest

Emma Hales

I got in touch with Eleanor to ask her to write my LinkedIn summary so it fitted in with my business and experience. Eleanor was brilliant throughout the process - professional, friendly and approachable. She gave me timelines for the work and came back well within them. She came up with something fantastic and far better than I could ever have thought of, with some great bonus tips that I will def be applying to my profile. I would highly recommend Eleanor if you want to improve your copy/summary - she was a pleasure to work with.

Kreativ Copywriting proved to be highly valuable partner for our copywriting needs. Eleanor is professional and quick but above all, listens carefully to the client’s needs and consequently comes up with brilliant creations to fulfill these needs. I highly recommend Kreativ Copywriting to any company


Compelling copy is one thing, but utterly compelling is another. That's how Eleanor stands out as a copywriter. What makes her unique is not just her ability to put words together to make the subject matter jump out at you, but the way her words affect you.

I have worked with Eleanor on a collaborative basis, and I have also hired her for help with my copy, as well as for my clients. One thing is for sure, reading her is like looking through a kaleidoscope, your mind conjures up exquisite patterns and images as you take in what she's writing about.

A copywriter by profession, a storyteller at heart. Mix the two and you get Eleanor. Utterly compelling.

I am so glad that I found Eleanor to help me with copy for my brand. Eleanor is very quick to respond and has a keen sense of what your brand is about. Her style of writing is amazing. It's like she's been working in your niche as long as you have because she just comes up with the right words and is spot on when hitting the pain points of your target audience.

I am very happy to have Eleanor on board, she is very fast responding and delivers all materials in an outstanding and creative way within short deadlines.

Thank you ever so much for your ongoing enthusiasm, patience and wonderful creative input into the completing this project with us.

More than happy with the end results and thoroughly enjoyed the process too. I will be singing your praises far and wide, as it was a total delight to work with you as my experience was that you just got where I was coming from and could see my ultimate vision for the work. I definitely would love to collaborate with you again in the future.

Eleanor is a reliable, fast and professional writer. She has also great communication skills and is great to work with. I am very happy about her writing and the result.

Mat is a genius coach

Everything is now getting so much better in my life and I even have a new job. A lot of this was down to the positive mindset that Mat helped me with, so thank you!

Your understanding of the type of content I need and writing skills are second to none. Our website is really professional now thanks to your help.

Eleanor is a rare example of a professional with high expertise and targeted specialization who always delivers great results.

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