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7 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Corporate Communications to a Good Copywriter

We all know that outsourcing tasks you are not skilled at or simply haven’t got the time to perform properly just makes good business sense.

It’s the same when it comes to outsourcing your business copywriting.

Many businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs successfully outsource their copy needs to skilled copywriters on a regular basis.

That’s nothing new.

However, what about larger firms who have in-house corporate communications and marketing departments? Surely they don’t need to outsource any of their corporate communications copy or customer-facing sales copy, or do they?

Maybe you are the lead decision-maker at one of them and, despite ever-increasing department workloads, are hesitant to outsource any element of your comms copy due to perceived lack of control, cost or simply opportunity?

Whatever the reason, we have seen an increase in demand in our stand-alone copywriting partner service for SMEs and enterprises and witnessed a shift toward outsourcing copywriting rather than leaving it entirely as an in-house function.

There’s no doubt about it, the way we work is changing.

And here’s why:

1. On your side but not on your payroll

Let’s start with the big one first – cost.

No matter how talented your in-house team are, they are employees of your company. They require training, health care, support, ongoing motivation (nothing worse than getting bored of a project halfway through – more on that later), annual leave, pension contributions, sickness pay, the list goes on and on.

In short, employees are expensive.

When you are overrun with work, you may not have the budget to employ the sort of expertise you need, and if you do, what then happens when the workload goes back to normal?

That’s one expensive hire that’s just come off your ever-decreasing budget.

When you outsource all or part of your copy, you have copywriting and marketing expertise on demand – when you want it. 24/7!

That’s why at Kreativ Copywriting we like to say we are on your side, but not on your payroll.

2. Real-life experience and expertise

Corporate communications staff are chosen for their experience and skill sets, and rightly so.

But often, that skill set is gained from an in-house perspective alone.

Proven experience’ usually translates as successful projects with another corp comms dept, measured by their previous employer’s objectives – i. e. not yours.

It can seem like everyone has the same communications background and qualifications, and while there is some benefit to this, what other experience and perspective are they bringing to the table?

Does your team have experience of not only being an employee but also being a business owner (i.e. actually running a business), have they been a customer and a client?

A wealth of real-world experience in business, copywriting, communications and (digital) marketing is what we bring to the table, and this is what will set your communications apart.

  • No more vanilla copy.
  • No more idea-free meetings.
  • No more communications apathy.

Just more expertise and useful knowledge at your command.

Which brings me nicely on to:

3. The right focus and motivation

Let’s face it. Some projects can drag on and on.

It can be hard to stay highly motivated and focused when there are so many other things going on. It can be easy for a project to lose steam (and staff). However, a poorly motivated team member – or team – can derail any project, not to mention the cost in training and performance support.

That’s where outsourcing can be a life-saver.

What’s more, your outsourced comms specialist is motivated by the right outcome, i.e. Your success.

For example, when you hire Kreativ Copywriting, you can be assured that I am not chasing after anyone’s job or position – I already have one – my primary objective is for my company to succeed.

The only way for that to happen is to make absolutely sure you do.

Let us be your high performing team member who has your interests at heart, no office politics, no negative influence, and who is definitely not nipping at your heels.

4. Non-waffle words with impact

Synergistic, ideation, alignment, shifting paradigms – Get your thoughtware around that lot!

But what do they all mean?

Quite frankly, in most cases, not a whole lot! More often than not, they are just examples of intentionally ambiguous corporate management-speak.

You know it, your staff know it, and so do your would-be customers.

The culture of corporate gobbledygook is alive and kicking. The trouble is, once it starts, it seems to multiply.

It’s pervasive, and unfortunately, once you are surrounded by it, you tend not to notice it very much. It starts to permeate throughout the whole organisation, into your copy, your brand, your culture.

You risk becoming stuck in a vacuum, an echo chamber where real creativity is stifled, and your communications suffer.

That’s where an outside perspective is invaluable.

We can help you with your brand voice, so it is consistent, understandable and relatable.

Heck – we can even help craft your Brand Bible!

5. Your professional (and confidential) sounding board

A good service provider can act as your professional sounding board, providing you with strategic insight, creative problem solving and communications expertise and know-how.

They will also be familiar with dealing with you on a strictly confidential basis.

When you hire Kreativ Copywriting, you can be assured of our absolute discretion. We sign NDAs for breakfast. We don’t take credit for anything we provide to you, whether that be copy, ideas or strategies.

All communications between us are strictly confidential.

We maintain a select client base so we can always provide you with our undivided individual attention.

6. The need for speed

There is a saying that time and tide wait for no one. We can’t do much about the tide, but whomever you outsource to should definitely be able to help with the time.

At Kreativ Copywriting we are mostly on call 24/7, 7 days week all year round. We are not a big unwieldy agency with management committees to report to or weighed down by bureaucratic burdens.

We can think and act quickly, from wherever we are in the world.

We are always just an email, call or message away.

What’s more, we have super quick turnaround times and are used to working in fast-paced environments with tight deadlines.

7. Speaking your language

A good communications specialist will expertly capture your brand’s tone of voice and keep it clear and consistent.

However, it’s also important that your provider speaks your language, or at least that of the language you intend to communicate in.

We are native English writers who understand the subtle nuances and colloquialisms of the English language. This is essential as a lot of our clients are non-native English yet require native English copy. Some even then go on to transcreate it for their global wide operations.

If you are looking for a trusted partner who can work remotely and provide a highly confidential, stand-alone, fast response and affordable service to help you with your strategic brand and marketing communications – contact us today.

What are your thoughts? Do you outsource some or all of your copywriting? If so, what has your experience been so far? If not, what would deter you from outsourcing?

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