The Analyst

Mat Hiscox is our resident critical thinker, proofreader, language coach, NLP practitioner, bodyworker (yep we did say that), and much much more.


Nobody knows how his brain is actually wired up, but the bets are on that his mind palaces are similar to Sherlock Holmes’s with a twist of Edward de Bono (you know…the lateral thinking guy).

Ideas are what he sprinkles on his Bran Flakes in the morning; all washed down with a healthy smoothie of affability, empathy and insight (with some strawberries on top).

Here are 6 essential things you should know about Mat:

1)  He’s an Earl Grey man, no other tea will do, he likes it black with some lemon and honey.

2) He likes a bit of the old yoga. You know the type; one of those twisty, bendy and flexible guys. He is so zen he could out chill Buddha.

3) He is a qualified scuba diver, martial artist, massage therapist, life coach, hypnotherapist, and NLP Practitioner.  Yes, we did say hypnotherapist, he can literally change the way you think. Cue the Dr Who theme music.

4) He has travelled to many places and done lots of daft things. Bucket list? Pah! One would need a very large bathtub list to catch up with Mat.

5) He makes a damn fine Gin and Tonic.

6) He sometimes sports a beard and likes to drink Guinness (and has been known to wear plaid and chop firewood).



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