Copy critique service

We have found that a lot of our clients are perfectly good writers (some are professional copywriters), but just need that extra boost or second pair of eyes. A makeover if you like, highlighting your best attributes.

Getting a copy critique is ideal for those who need a few tweaks here and there to make their copy really shine, as well as those who need to bring old copy back to life.

Coaching & Consulting

We offer one to one coaching and consulting services. Whether you are just starting out on your copywriting journey, or would like some help with your overall marketing strategy. Our coaching sessions are customised to your specific needs.

We cover copy and business coaching as well as personal mindset coaching with a trained and qualified Life Coach. 

NOTE: Due to increasing demand and to ensure we provide a dedicated service to you, our coaching services are limited to only a few openings a year.

Get in touch today to see how we can help.

 profile-picJeff MeisterFounder & Business Consultant


With Eleanor and Kreativ Copywriting, you get the trifecta of copywriting, marketing and business coaching. Eleanor truly knows her craft… it’s amazing how she can zero-in on your story and put some magic in the words.

 profile-picRalph BenkoAward Winning Writer, Senior Counselor & PR Expert


After reading an article by Eleanor Goold at Medium, I sought her out and retained her to train me in the most effective ways of marketing my copywriting services. We mainly focused, in a month’s course, on her teaching me to become proficient in the use of LinkedIn. She has developed exceptional mastery of this as a marketing venue. Her teaching and coaching was step-by-step clear, relevant, practical and really imparted capability that it would have taken me months of trial and error to develop on my own. My presence in LinkedIn, the most professionally important of the social media, quickly went “from zero to 60” without a lag. It was remarkable. She provided all the tradecraft to build a significant following and to engage potential client interest. Eleanor also was generous, both with her time and expertise, in providing valuable input in the content of my new website and my other marketing activities. She provides excellent value and an extremely pleasant learning process. Eleanor proved to be “the Goold Standard” of mentors.

 profile-picIvett Kleer Librarian


Mat is a truly excellent coach. He is smart, strategically focused and displays natural intuitive abilities and a great sense of humour. Combining a mixture of confidence, language mastery and mindset building he will get you the results you desire. On top of all that he possesses the passion, focus and drive to really get the best out of his clients. So, if you are looking for a gifted and special coach or mentor for any significant life goals or objectives, then honestly, Mat is the person for the job!

 profile-picHadel SalmanB2B Medical & Healthcare Copywriter


As someone who seeks to improve their copywriting to deliver the best results to my clients, I often look out for other copywriters for help & advice.

I have yet to meet someone as genuine and helpful as Eleanor. She took the sample I gave her and didn’t hold back with the critique. She helped me know where I was doing well and where I can improve and most importantly, HOW I can improve. Her help & expertise taught me so much about writing better copy, even though we specialize in different industries.

What I also found unique about Eleanor is that she is one of the few copywriters out there who place so much emphasis on psychology while writing copy. No doubt, if you can understand the challenges, needs, and desires of the target reader, your copy will be effective. But, if you can understand the psychology behind those challenges, needs, and desires then your copy will be 1000 times more effective. I am eternally grateful for the amount of value Eleanor added to my copywriting business

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