Copy critique service

We have found that a lot of our clients are perfectly good writers (some are professional copywriters), but just need that extra boost or second pair of eyes. A makeover if you like, highlighting your best attributes.

Getting a copy critique is ideal for those who need a few tweaks here and there to make their copy really shine, as well as those who need to bring old copy back to life.

Coaching & Consulting

We offer one to one coaching and consulting services. Whether you are just starting out on your copywriting journey, or would like some help with your overall marketing strategy. Our coaching sessions are customised to your specific needs.

We cover copy and business coaching as well as personal mindset coaching with a trained and qualified Life Coach. 

NOTE: Due to increasing demand and to ensure we provide a dedicated service to you, our coaching services are limited to only a few openings a year.

Get in touch today to see how we can help.


Mat is a genius coach

Dr Ors Penzes Lawyer

Everything is now getting so much better in my life and I even have a new job. A lot of this was down to the positive mindset that Mat helped me with, so thank you!

Kriszta Sahira Toth Lover of Life. Heart Centred Dance and Fitness Coach