Your words have more power than you think

The words you choose to use when communicating with your customers can mean the difference between make or break. That’s why firms employ copywriters and spend huge budgets on marketing and advertising, because unless you are telling, then you sure aint selling!

We know that words are weapons of mass influence, and even better, we know what phrases and words sell.

So next time you are writing what appears to be a harmless newsletter to your clients, or emailing them about a special offer, remember to make sure it’s killer copy.

Or you may find the only target for your sales missives is the bin.

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About the Author Eleanor Goold

Eleanor Goold is owner and founder of Kreativ Copywriting a forward thinking and friendly writing, copywriting and content creation service. She also has her own branded website where she provides business owners with smart ideas, copy tips, and blogs about the art of storytelling. She also runs The Copywriter Facebook Group and is the tutor of The Utterly Compelling Email Copywriter online course.

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