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HOW TO WRITE CAPTIVATING COPY: Copywriting Formula Series # 1

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get people to act on your every word?

Well, this is what copywriting is all about.

Copywriting is the art of creating compelling written content which engages the reader and normally leads them to take action (i.e. buy a product, sign up to your email newsletter, follow, like and share on social media etc).

Or, as we used to call it back in the day; putting together ‘words that sell’.

Usually associated with advertising and marketing, nowadays copywriting can cover anything from effective web content to catchy slogans and successful social media campaigns…and much more.

In this series of short posts I am going to share with you a range of copywriting formulas you can apply to your own writing to make your words more captivating and effective.

The first copywriting formula I am sharing with you is dear old AIDA. She really is like a warm, dependable loving aunt. If in doubt…call on AIDA.

AIDA stands for:

ATTENTION – Grab the reader’s attention

This one grabs my attention every day...especially after she has stuck her head in a mole hole!

(This one grabs my attention every day…especially after she has stuck her head in a mole hole!)


Does your headline or opening gambit grab the reader’s attention?

In today’s fast paced internet age the headline does all the heavy lifting so it is crucial you get this right.

Without a captivating headline, your article/blog or social media post will simply not be read.

Take notice of the headlines you click on yourself…what compelled you to click on it?

It’s the same with novels. The first line often determines whether a reader will continue reading the rest of your book or not.

Think of your audience, what would they click on or be interested in?

Pay attention to headlines, they matter!

INTEREST – Give them something interesting/compelling

(Come imbibe with me in a den of iniquity...or just this cool bar in Budapest. )

(Come imbibe with me in a den of iniquity…or just this cool bar in Budapest. )


Right, so you’ve got their attention.

What next?

Here’s the part even a killer headline will not be able to clutch from the jaws of death.

Your content HAS to be relevant, useful and interesting. Or at least one of them! And make sure it does what it says in the headline.

Are you providing useful information? What is interesting or new about your content? (This doesn’t mean that you have to come up with subjects that have never been written about…but just write them in a different way, perhaps share a different angle).

What are your readers problems/concerns. Does your content address them or solve them in any way? Can you write about these in a more compelling way…here is where you draw people into your story.

My post here about copywriting explores the subject from a different angle. I give copy tips, but the tips are worked into the writing itself.

It provides a solution to a problem but in an interesting way.

DESIRE – This is where BENEFITS and PROOF come in to play




Are you whetting your reader’s appetite? Do they want more?

What are the benefits of your product or service…what will happen if they do what you want them to do? Do you have any proof (social proof/testimonials) so others can see that your promise will be delivered?

Will they get (or do they even want) that cool beer on a hot summer’s day?

Desire is powerful, and it is your job to evoke that desire.

See my post here for some word hacks you can employ to entice your readers into action.

ACTION – Get the reader to take action (i.e. respond/buy product/sign up to email etc)

2015-12-07 09.33.05

(Call me ;-))


Most copy will have a ‘call to action’ (CTA) which will guide the reader to what you want them to do next.

Without it, well, what’s the point?

Why did you write that post if you don’t want more people to read it? Here is your opportunity to ask people to share or comment. Perhaps you want more people to sign up to your email newsletter, or buy your service or product?

Whatever you want, you have to ask.

And you have to be clear.

My call to action is that you SIGN UP TO MY EMAIL LIST to get even more top tips.

Not much to ask, right?

I think it’s perfectly reasonable. 😀

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