Irresistible Sales Pages that Connect, Compel and Convert 

For clever coaches, consultants and business owners who respect their audience

About YOU:

You've got a great offer and are super excited about it (and rightly so!).

You want to get it out there into the big wide world as soon as possible to help change people’s lives for the better.

Because that’s how you roll!

You love helping others with your unique gift. It’s your everything.

You are fiercely passionate about what you do and want to do more of it. Go YOU!

Maybe you have a transformational coaching program, a stellar service or membership package, or an awe-inspiring online course?

You’ve spent weeks, months, maybe even years putting it all together, creating the content, really thinking about your clients' needs and tweaking it all until everything is perfect.

BUT there is a MASSIVE stumbling block.

Your sales copy just isn't up to the task.

Perhaps you’ve crafted your own copy, and it simply didn't work, or maybe you think you don’t have the budget to spend on effective sales page copy? (Because let’s face it, some of the quotes you’ve seen are waaay out of your comfort zone!)

You are not alone

Thousands of small business owners, coaches and consultants just like you feel the same way each time they launch something new.

They dread writing or even thinking about the sales page (or what it might cost to hire someone to do it properly).

But here's the thing:

No matter how great your offer, without effective sales copy in place, you are almost certainly going to struggle making sales online.

And that puts a huge pressure on the task ahead (along with a premium on hiring a sales page copywriter).

What’s more, if you want your audience to buy from you, they have to TRUST you FIRST.

You’ve seen all those pushy sales pages that go on forever ratcheting up the pressure for you to buy at every opportunity, promising to reveal so-called industry ‘secrets’ or results beyond your wildest dreams...

And you know for sure you don’t want one of those!

That's definitely not your style.

You respect your audience.

  • You don’t want to sell them something they don’t need
  • You don’t want to be THAT person always making those never-ending ‘time running out’ deals
  •  You don’t want to come across as plain desperate to make a sale!

That’s not you. No way.
You want a sales page that 100%:

  • Powerfully conveys your personality and brand
  • Authentically shows the real you and your awesome service
  • Conveys the transformational energy you help create
  • Entices and engages WITHOUT pandering or being condescending
  • Connects on a deep emotional level and expertly showcases your offer

The Utterly Compelling Sales Page Copy Package
has been created with YOU in mind

The solution for people with passion and purpose who want to create positive change in the lives of others without the buyer remorse.

(Psst. That’s you by the way!)

Hi, I’m Eleanor Goold,

I am founder and Chief Copywriter at Kreativ Copywriting.

I know the challenges you are facing, because not only have I helped hundreds of clients with their copy, but I have been through the same difficulties myself!

When I started out writing copy, I admit I struggled with sales pages. 

I knew it was a skill I needed to master, not only so that I could write copy for my clients, but so I could sell my own products and services.

However, some of the courses, books and advice I came across were way too pushy for my tastes, suggested dubious underhand tactics, and if I’m honest, a lot seemed a bit outdated and out of touch to say the least!

Of course, many of the underlying principles still hold good (human psychology hasn’t really changed) – but the language, tone and tactics were definitely in need of a major update.

I knew there must be another way.

And there was.

It has taken me many years to reach the stage I am now at to write copy that is subtle yet persuasive, to effectively ‘storysell’ and craft copy that really resonates with an audience.

To paint a picture that compels and motivates, but doesn’t draw attention to the copy itself.

And just as importantly, to know what words go where, when and why!

What’s more, I have found that over the years, I love working with people who are helping others or making a positive change to the world. Most of my clients are coaches and consultants and people helping others in some way, shape or form.

And now I want to help you.

With this service, I will help take your sales copy from unconvincing to utterly compelling so your copy:

Connects with your target audience
• Is subtle yet persuasive, without all the pushy sales techniques
• Gets your inbox full of leads, enquiries and sales
• Applies the right word glue at the right time

No smoke... no mirrors... no tricks.

And the best thing?

It won’t cost you a small fortune in copywriter fees either.

Here’s how it works

  • 1
    On your marks : Book a quick 15-minute call and fill in the super-short questionnaire about who you are and what you do. On our call, we cover your requirements and what option will work best for you, and also make sure we are the right fit (this bit is really important). If I don’t feel I can help you, I will say so, and if possible, provide you with contact details of someone else who can help.
  • 2
    Get set : Following our call, I send you an in-depth questionnaire about your offer and your target audience. I also provide you with your customised quote and my commencement invoice.
  • 3
    Go! : You return the questionnaire along with a payment, we arrange a time-frame, and I get to work. Simple!

Is this package for you?

This package is for you if:

  • You are someone who needs compelling copy in order to get more bookings
  • You are a small business owner with online services or courses to sell
  • Your current sales copy simply isn't working, and you don't know why

This package is not for you if:

  • You don't have a clear idea of your offer or your target audience
  • You don’t have an audience or strategy and are looking for a quick fix
  • You think unethical practices and tactics in sales copy work best
  • You are looking for a website designer

What you'll get

Up to two FREE revisions to your copy

All calls and correspondence between us. I like to keep you informed throughout the process and make sure you are fully satisfied with the project

First draft of your sales copy including accompanying notes, so you know exactly why the copy is structured as it is, notes on format and where Calls-To-Action are best placed 

Final copy fully proofed and edited

A sales page you cannot wait to share with your audience

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Do you write those long never-ending sales pages?

Will this package guarantee that my sales page converts?

What Other People Are Saying About My Copy

“She turned a sales page from ‘Meh’ to ‘Magnetic!’ and a sign-up page for a lead-magnet from ‘No thanks!’ to ‘I want this now!’.”

Stop! Go no further! Eleanor is the copywriter for you.

Eleanor weaves her magic with words. She writes words that flow easily, tap into emotions and she understands who she is writing for. Powerful stuff.

Working with Eleanor is easy from start to finish. I’m so glad I’ve found her.

We’ve worked together on a couple of projects now and I can’t recommend her enough. She turned a sales page from ‘Meh’ to ‘Magnetic!’ and a sign-up page for a lead-magnet from ‘No thanks!’ to ‘I want this now!’

Do you want words that work their magic for your business?

Without a doubt, she’s the one for you.

Tracey Tait
- Business Coach, TranscendYou

“You won't need to look for a copywriter ever again."

Eleanor is just a gem of a copywriter. She doesn't just write wonderful words, she understands who she is writing them for, and that right there is a little bit of magic!

If you are looking for someone who can bring your business to life through the words you use in your content, website, and emails, then stop looking because you have found what you are looking for in Eleanor.

And, by the way, you won't need to look for a copywriter ever again.

Jules White

She is a genius in crafting the words you've been struggling to find to describe yourself and your business."

Eleanor is approachable, professional and fun to work with. She is a genius in crafting the words you've been struggling to find to describe yourself and your business. Eleanor is a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending her services to others.

Julie Lawal
- Transformational Mindset Coach & Author

Get a sales page you can’t wait to share with your audience!

Unlike real life conversations, when you are selling online, you don’t have your potential customer right in front of you to answer any questions or build rapport. 

There’s no body language or verbal cues either, so your sales page has to do all the work.

It has to get into the mind of your reader, ignite their desire and mitigate their objections.

And then motivate them to take action….NOW!

That’s no mean feat!

So stop struggling trying to write your own copy.

Instead, get a sales page written for you that will:

  • Get across your irresistible offer without sounding cheesy or condescending
  • Speak directly to your customers in their language
  • Persuade people who need your help that your offer is right for them

It will save you a whole lot of time, energy and heaps of money!

So, if you have an irresistible offer your ideal audience simply cannot refuse.

More praise for my sales page copy

"I adore working with Eleanor. She has incredible skills, she's really empathetic and takes the time to figure out exactly what you need. I feel like she spoke to my audience in a really powerful way. She did a great job of drawing out just what I needed with each piece." Jade Rose - Leading Animal Communicator, Portrait Artist, Retreat Host 

"FREAKING AMAZING JOB!!!! Loved the flow, angle, and journey the reader takes on this sales page. You took the essence of what I wanted to convey and didn’t overdo it on the salesiness yet it’s super effective." Hugo Fernandez - Just Digital Inc

The Utterly Compelling Sales Page Copy Package

For clever coaches, consultants and business owners who respect their audience

Don't put it off any longer - your clients are waiting!

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