The Creative

Eleanor Goold is our chief copywriter, trailblazer, inspirational writer, wordsmith, and big time animal lover.


Keep out of the way when Eleanor gets creative is all we would say because she gets a bit GI Jane ‘ish’.

When the creative juices start to flow, she literally starts painting the walls of her house, writing inspirational stories, and generally gets things going.

You know what we mean; she’s one of ‘those’ who can’t stop evolving, generating ideas and writing damn smart copy at the same time.

We don’t know how she does it, but she does. Fortunately, she doesn’t always wear a silly hat.

Here are 6 essential things you should know about Eleanor:

1) She is passionate about the written word (she was the kid at school who preferred to write dreamy poetry than go out and play). She has experience of writing in a range of genres across a broad range of subjects. From persuasive copy to motivational content; she’s your gal!

2) She loves to learn, in fact, she is a perpetual student and has undertaken all sorts of courses in her time from comedy writing to playing the violin (okay…about the violin bit…that was when she was a child, and she was bad…and not cool bad…just kinda bad bad).

3) She loves all dogs; if you have a tail, four legs and you bark….you’re in!  She is not so keen on horse treks over the Pyrenees.. but she can tell you about that herself.

4) She is one smart cookie and is professionally qualified in a wide range of subjects covering Annuities to Zoopharmacognosy.  List of achievements? Where do we start? Basically, she excels in anything she puts her mind to really.

5) She is English but spends a lot of time travelling, mainly in Europe.

6) She loves swimming, and occasional vegetable gardening…oh, and watching birds in the garden from her office window.



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