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{Note: The purpose of this post is to not only draw your attention to a very valuable business concept, but also to highlight some clever sales copy tips}


(Setting the scene here)

We all know that sound don't we?

It's that lovable sound of cash registers being opened. (The intention is that you hear the sound and have an image in your head...of lovable 'emotionally loaded' cash!)

You might not own a 'bricks and mortar' business, or even if you do I am sure it doesn’t have an old fashioned cast iron till with a bell (unless you happen to own an antiques shop somewhere like Cornwall perhaps) (are you thinking about cream teas yet?), but even if you make the 'moolah' through that worldwide interweb thingy...we all know what I am talking about.

The thing is (you will note a lot of copywriters these days use this disruptor...annoying isn’t it) anyhow, the THING is

Things really are hotting up out there. I mean, it's been warming up for years hasn’t it (getting you to nod your head...or shake it)..but I think finally the whole economic system really is on the verge of a huge deflationary crisis and when it finally happens things could snowball in a very bad way indeed from that point onward.

Are you ready for that?

I mean...

Really ready? (Getting you to think now...adding some fear and trepidation...even if you disagree with my opinion, you will probably carry on reading...just in case you miss something important)

You see, no one really knows which way the cards are going to fall, if and when it happens. (Universal Quantifier…'no one really knows')

But one thing's for sure; being prepared in advance is going to make the experience a whole lot more bearable.

And dare I say it, some of us will ride that wave pretty well. Might even profit from it. Like during the gold rush when the people who made the most money were those selling shovels and picks and wheelbarrows or whatever it is you need to have when you prospect for gold.

(I saw that musical 'Paint Your Wagon'…all sing together now...I was born under a wand'rin star...I actually added this part in for fun)


This is the time when you really need the right people around you supporting you and your business.

Now, this isn’t the point where I start to try to sell you my copywriting critique or consulting services, if you want them you can just go here. (And you should)

I like to be a copywriter with a difference. (Of course I do, and you want to hire a copywriter with a difference to make YOU feel special)

In any event, my schedule is completely full at the moment. There simply are no openings.




(This is what is known as the scarcity factor which can make your services or product be perceived as more valuable i.e. more in demand)

But what I AM going to ask you to do if you haven’t already (and for the sake of your business) is to hire the good guys straight away.

Stop making it about the money and start looking at the value.

For example, are you feeling a bit unhealthy at the moment but hesitating about taking on a wellness coach because its a bit pricey, or getting your copy critiqued because you don't quite have the funds right now and if you did they could be used instead for something else (but you don't really know what)?

Without your health you don't have anything, and without relevant marketing you don't have a business. (Rubbing salt into the wound)

So what I am saying is: future proof your business: Get robust!

Spend what you need to now, so that you can reap the rewards in the future.

(Usually here there will be a picture painted of what your life could be like if you were to take my advice)

Seriously, (and copywriters and marketers are always serious) if you value your business and want it to flourish in an uncertain economy.

Hire that great copywriter NOW.

Hire that health and wellbeing coach NOW.

Take that Masterclass to help you successfully launch NOW. (Adding urgency)

But don' t just take my word for it….(here you can add a few testimonials for social proof)

Because, as Ziggy Stardust, Prince, Professor Severus Snape and countless others have found out; it's later than you think.

Do it.

Now!   (Call to action … all great copy has a call to action telling the reader what they want them to do next)

PS (You need this final hook) Want more copywriting tips to help your business thrive?. Simply click here (This is the REAL call to action which could make you bundles of cash :-))

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Eleanor Goold is owner and founder of Kreativ Copywriting a forward thinking and friendly writing, copywriting and content creation service. She also has her own branded website where she provides business owners with smart ideas, copy tips, and blogs about the art of storytelling. She also runs The Copywriter Facebook Group and is the tutor of The Utterly Compelling Email Copywriter online course.

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