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The AI writing tool that saves time, improves your writing and slays the flashing cursor.

Ever get stuck halfway through writing that urgent email, but end up staring at the flashing cursor because you can’t find the right words?

Or you try to write a captivating blog post, but everything just seems, well, a bit flat?

Or you want to reply to that Slack thread in the proper tone to make the right impression, but nothing’s coming? You just can’t think of the best way to finish that last sentence? 

The ideas are there, but your brain just can’t find the right words.

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Or maybe you’ve heard a phrase somewhere but want to be sure you are using it in the correct sense or just want some authoritative backup?

Or perhaps you simply want to make your message shorter or longer?

Fortunately, all these issues can be easily solved with a smart new AI writing tool: Wordtune. 

Effortlessly improve your writing in a flash with Wordtune.

Wordtune not only suggests new phrasing to help improve your tone, word choice and flow, but you can also:

✔️Expand or shorten text.
✔️Use the Word Finder option to find words that are on the tip of your tongue.
✔️Use Examples to compare your phrasing with other sources across the web.

Take a quick look at it in action. ⤵️⤵️⤵️

But wait – what about other writing tools such as Grammarly?

Newsflash! Wordtune is not Grammarly.

But you can use it in addition to Grammarly.

I know Grammarly also suggests words to improve sentence structure. But its primary function is that of a spell and grammar checker, i.e. an editor. In my experience, although I use Grammarly almost every day, it can occasionally get things out of context.

Grammarly is a tool I use post-writing, not a companion tool I use during the creative process. Wordtune is more of a co-writer – an instrument that you can use in addition to other writing tools while you are writing.

Also, Wordtune produces a range of options you can select to use.

I’ve also been using Wordtune during the editing process in addition to Grammarly. When I am not happy with the tone or want to shorten a message, I use it to explore more ways to express what I want to say.

I see it as another writing tool that you can use as part of your repertoire of resources. There are no limits to the tools you can use!

You can take it anywhere

What I love most about Wordtune is that because it is a Chome extension, you can use it in Grammarly as well as other places online such as Twitter – so you can instantly check your latest tweet or post as you are writing it in real-time.

The Chrome extension currently works in Gmail, Google Docs, Outlook (web version), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp (web version), Slack, etc., with more options in the pipeline.

Other use cases

With the ‘shorten’ option, Wordtune is a natural writing companion for crafting Tweets where brevity is essential.

But it’s not just social media posts that can benefit.

You can also use Wordtune in your emails (which doesn’t present itself as annoying prescriptive text that tries to predict the sentence for you) as well as blog and forum posts.

One particularly interesting use I have found is for writing comedy.

Comedy writers require a setup and punchline for short gags.

Wordtune is great for testing out different ways the punchline can work in a sentence, as well as inspiring comedic ideas and better-written phrases.

And let’s not forget poetry and prose.

I personally haven't tried writing poetry with the help of Wordtune yet – but I can definitely imagine it being incredibly useful.

Get the rewrite tool for free

The software, developed by Israel-based startup AI21 Labs, utilises advanced AI tools and language models to understand the context and meaning of written text.

Wordtune is available on Google Chrome. The free plan provides unlimited word and phrase suggestions.
The premium plan, which includes advanced features, is $10 per month and includes a free trial.

Give it a try and let me know what you think – and any other alternative ways you find it helpful!

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