What is NLP Inspired Copywriting?


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the science of human performance, thinking and communication. It deals with the structure of subjective experience, how we make sense of what we see and hear etc, and how we filter and edit the outside world.

NLP inspired copywriting is, as the name suggests, inspired by some of the founding principles of this science.

At its essence NLP inspired copywriting is about using language to influence and persuade in a positive way. A key component of NLP is the power that language has to make changes to people’s values, beliefs and actions.

We utilise the linguistic elements of NLP and employ them to subtly but powerfully give your copy and stories deeper meanings and make them more persuasive.

We recognize how powerful words and language are, especially at a subconscious level!

We favour subtle and persuasive language over shouty, showy, sales copy.


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