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Looking For A Copywriter? Join The Copywriter Directory

Are you looking to find a copywriter for your next project but don’t know the best place to look?

Or perhaps you are a copywriter looking for your next freelance copywriting job, ideal client or even a remote working role?

Why is it sometimes so hard to find what we want, yet we know both exist?

Trust me; I feel your pain!

Here at Kreativ Copywriting, we are often booked many months in advance (or are just unavailable to take on new copywriting clients or projects).

And sometimes, we’re simply not the right fit.

When this happens, I am usually asked to recommend a suitable alternative copywriter, which can be tricky as although I currently run a couple of copywriting communities, I don’t exactly know everyone’s areas of expertise!

So, to help resolve the problem, I’ve set up an exclusive directory specifically for this purpose, i.e. to assist fellow copywriters and potential clients alike.

The Copywriter community has been created to be a one-stop-shop copywriting resource (with lots of easy to find popular topics – see screenshot) plus a directory where you can post jobs or find clients and work.

In The Directory, you can post your job opportunity, browse copywriter profiles (members have a space for their own profiles and social media links – see my one below), and if you are a copywriter, it’s a place where potential clients can easily find you.

It’s what you call a win-win!

The best part? It’s FREE to register.

Although it’s called The Copywriter, it’s not just for copywriters, which gives it an even broader appeal.

You see, it’s also a space for collaboration with other marketing and media professionals such as graphic designers, editors, web developers, content creators, etc.

You can register at the link here.

It just makes sense, doesn’t it?

When you join, just make sure you set up your profile properly. This is really important if you want to connect with the right people and for clients to find you.

I look forward to seeing you there!