Your turn

Lesson 12 Chapter 4

‘The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.’ - William James

Now it's your turn

1. Do you find your mood being adversely affected by stress? If so, write down what types of stress they are, i.e. ​family, health, relationships etc. and think about what resolutions and solutions you can take to reduce their impact and improve the situation.

2. Think about people who you can safely talk to about your stress and see if there are things they can do to help you?

3. Are you spending too much time with negative people whose attitude is having an adverse effect on your mood? If so, consider finding more positive people to spend your time with. Look for people who inspire you to be more generous, compassionate and patient. They are the ones who will make your life 'glow'.

4. Do you try to micro-manage everything? Sometimes we try to control way too much, and it becomes impossible and very stressful. Learn when and when not to intervene in everything.

5. This week find 3 things you are doing that are superfluous or a waste of time and stop doing them. It is also a good time to start practising how to say ‘No’ to people when they make demands of you that you do not want to go along with. Trust me it's a great skill to develop!