Your turn

Lesson 10 Chapter 3

‘Most problems precisely defined are already partially solved.’ - Harry Lorayne

Now it's your turn

1. If you feel that you’re just not getting enough good quality sleep, try to work out why and what factors you can change to improve the situation.

a) Implement and ​see if any of my tips for a better night sleep work for you?

b) Perhaps there are other things that I didn’t mention that are causing the problem such as working night shifts, someone snoring, noisy neighbours, pets or restless children. Whatever it is consider what you can do to reduce their impact and improve how you sleep.

2. Also, you may want to consider herbal or wellness supplements, hypnotherapy or even seeking the help of a 'sleep coach' - yes they exist.​

3. ​Lastly, ​why not try some calming essential oils. There are lots of wonderful aromas to choose from such as; lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, lemon and bergamot that are all known to have a relaxing effect – as is, surprisingly, the smell of coffee, apparently​!