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This course is hosted by UDEMY

Lesson 1

This Udemy course is for anyone just starting out or freelancers who need some extra help getting their business going.

It covers:

• How to build the right foundations for your freelance business from the get-go

• How to identify your USP, brand and niche

• How and where to find your ideal clients

• How to effectively deal with client calls and follow-ups

• Essential systems and processes you need to have in place

• The Freelancer Toolkit – what you need to successfully run your freelance business

• Contracts and proposals – what to cover

• Pricing – what and how you should charge

• Upwork and other online job boards

• Marketing yourself both online and offline

• Effective tips and strategies to build your audience

• Sales funnels, email marketing and case studies

• How to boost your business going forward


• Invaluable templates, checklists, proposals and prompts


• Real world exercises at the end of each section that you can do at your own pace

Take a look at the link HERE.  It will take you directly to the UDEMY platform.