Putting it all together

Lesson 15 Chapter 6

Positive anything is better than negative nothing.’ - Elbert Hubbard

We are nearly at the end now.

Since we started we have looked at how improving your health (through exercise, diet and improved sleep), managing stress and giving yourself some major love bombs are all key to creating a positive mindset.

In this last section, I will focus on some simple exercises you can apply straight away to further boost these, and set you some final challenges…


15 Rules for developing strong self-belief and a positive mindset

1. ​Go find somewhere quiet and comfortable, sit down, close your eyes and observe your mind and ​ego. Reflect on them for a little ​while and then ​let ​those thoughts drift away and instead begin to imagine looking at yourself as the best ‘You’ possible. The successful, confident, happy person you are ​on the path to becoming. Do not allow it to fade. Build the picture up as clearly as ​can​. ​If you wish you can even add a magical force shield that only you can see that protects you from feeling stressed and the negative effects of people's thoughtless actions. Now embed that image in your mind as strongly as you possibly can.

Start each day with this image in your mind. Never doubt it no matter how tough things are at the time.

2. Whenever you have a negative thought deliberately cancel it out with 2 positive thoughts.

3. Never build up the power of an obstacle in your imagination. Study your challenges, so you know and understand them, but never let any of your concerns ​conflate into ​one big out of control ​monster with a mind of ​it's own.

4. Always focus on the good things. It doesn’t matter how small they are at first. That is where your concentration should naturally settle. Remember; your thoughts create your reality and everything has a positive side.

5. Do not become awe-struck by anybody. No matter how wonderful they seem or great their lives appear, remember most people ​have self-doubts and their own set of personal problems too.

6. Ten times a day practice an empowering mantra, i.e. ‘I am strong, I am beautiful, I have everything I need’ or an affirmation such as ‘I deserve to be happy’ or ‘I deserve to be successful/loved/respected’ etc.

7. Learn to find the humour in difficult situations – trust me it’s usually there. But be sensitive to how others might be feeling and behave appropriately!

8. Learn from your mistakes. Remember the adage ‘You're either learning or your winning’.

9. Focus on the present. That’s why it's called the present because it’s a gift!

10. Learn to use positive language when you speak (and talk to yourself). Words like ‘I can’, ‘I will’, ‘I am grateful’ etc.

11. Learn to forgive yourself. Your mistakes are in the past, and you made them for a reason. Learn the lessons and know that it’s time to move on.

12. Don’t waste your mental energy trying to gain digital social approval, worrying about your social status​ or what other people are doing (or what they seem to have). Instead, focus on what you were put on earth to do and do it as well as you possibly can. Remember; life is short, and you only get one shot at it!

13. Remember it is how we interpret what people say about us that hurts us, not the actual insult. Think about it, if someone you don't care about or value their opinion​ says something bad about you it doesn't bother you very much, does it​?

14. Think of 10 ​positive things about your life and write them down.

15. Every single day do something positive that helps someone else and adds some common good to the world. But do not dwell on it or expect any praise. Just let it became a regular habit!

What’s next

Well, now it’s time to finish off the last few exercises and start putting EVERYTHING you have learned into practice ideally over the next 21 days and onwards!

But, and this is HUGELY important. There is a lot of information in this course. So do not try and take everything on board all at once and get overwhelmed. Just pace yourself, be sensible and absorb and reintegrate what works for you. It is not a race. Think more turtle than hare!

​If you need me, I’ll be with you every step of the way!