Copy Critiques

Is your copy misbehaving? Is there something ‘not quite right’ but you just cannot put your finger on it?

Could your copy do with an expert ‘second pair of eyes’?

We have found that a lot of our clients are perfectly good writers or have reasonable copy already, but just need that extra boost to really get it going. A makeover if you like, highlighting your best attributes.

Getting a copy critique is ideal for those who either want to keep their voice but just need a few tweaks here and there to make their copy really shine (and sell), as well as those who need to bring old copy back to life.  (You know, that sales page that has been lingering on your website for years!).

We also provide consultancy services over a range of written communication issues.

So, don’t let your words gather dust.

Get in touch today to see how we can help.


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