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The Utterly Compelling Positive Mindset

9 Chapters 20 Lessons

About this course


Discover how to develop a positive, powerful and motivated mindset in this short and highly effective course!

Importance of Mindset

It should come as no big surprise to know that the biggest hurdles we ever have to overcome are more often than not our own mental barriers and personal limitations.
Our lack of self-belief, insecurities and worries are pretty much always what holds us back from achieving our goals, getting things done and getting the most out of a truly meaningful life.
But how do you tackle such a seemingly overwhelming challenge?
And what's more, where do you even start?
The answer is this course!
This short course has been specifically designed to:

• Help you cultivate a super positive mindset
• Enable you to release your huge untapped personal potential
• Provide you with the tools to boost creativity
• Facilitate better focus and goal setting
• Banish troublesome niggling negative thoughts for good!

The course covers:

CHAPTER 1 – Intro and welcome to the course, what it covers and who it is for.
CHAPTER 2 – Why a positive mindset is so important and how to get one.
CHAPTER 3 – The fitter you are the healthier you think!
CHAPTER 4 – Peace of mind: How to master your mind.
CHAPTER 5 – Connect with your inner soul: And find your WHAT and WHY.
CHAPTER 6 – The HOLISTIC APPROACH: Putting it all together to achieve your dreams.


• Multiple tasks for you to complete after each chapter to help you stay on track
• Extra resources – if you wish to do more research on any subject


• A FREE 15-minute consult call!

If you are serious about developing a super strong positive mindset, learning how to focus and get whatever it is you want out of life
then this is the course for you!

What other people are saying:

"I've been challenged by my mindset for a while now, and this course gives you a way to systematically get you into a more positive state of mind. I like how you've broken down all of the parts that add to the big picture that is 'living a good happy life'.

I would say that this course provides you with logical ways to live a happier life, day-to-day." - Mine Lombard


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Course Structure

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Welcome & Introduction 1 Lesson


Who this course is for and how it works

Enrolled Students Only

The Positive Mindset 3 Lessons

What Is A Positive Mindset?

An excellent place to start for this short course is probably to establish what a ‘positive mindset’ is and why it’s so important?

Your turn

Your turn to develop a positive mindset

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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind 6 Lessons

Let’s get physical!

The healthier you are the healthier you think!

Your turn

Your turn to get physical!

You Are What You Eat (and How!)

Let food be thy medicine

Your turn

Your turn to eat well

Make Time For Bedtime – The Body

The benefits of a good night's sleep

Your turn

Your turn to get a good night's sleep

Enrolled Students Only

Peace of Mind 2 Lessons

The Mind And Stress

Stress management

Your turn

Stress-busting exercises

Enrolled Students Only

Food for the Soul 2 Lessons

Soul Food for the Spirit

Some soul food for the spirit

Your turn

‘Change your thoughts and you change the world’ - Norman Vincent Peale

Enrolled Students Only

The Finishing Touches 2 Lessons

Putting it all together

15 Rules for developing strong self-belief and a positive mindset

Your turn

‘Tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.’ - Anaïs Nin

Enrolled Students Only

Congratulations 1 Lesson

You did it!


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Resources & Feedback 2 Lessons


Further resources

Your feedback

I would love to hear your feedback!

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Your FREE Call 1 Lesson

Your FREE Call

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