The Utterly Compelling Freelancer

12 Chapters 60 Lessons

About this course

On this course you will learn:

  • How to attract (and keep) your ideal clients
  • Essential systems and processes to have in place to keep you sane and your clients happy!
  • How to build a profitable business doing the work you love  


We cover:

How to build the right foundations
• How to identify your USP, brand and niche
• How and where to find your ideal clients
• How to deal with client calls and follow-ups
• Essential systems and processes you need to have in place
• Contracts and proposals – what to cover
• Pricing - what and how you should charge
• Upwork and other online job boards
• Marketing yourself both online and offline
• Effective tips and strategies to build your audience
• Sales funnels, email marketing and case studies
• How to boost your business going forward


• Invaluable templates, checklists, proposals and prompts
• A 30-minute LIVE one-to-one consultation call 

• Exercises at the end of each section that you can do in your own time

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Course Structure

Enrolled Students Only

Build The Right Foundations 3 Lessons


Intro to building the right foundations, researching your market and the questions you should be asking before you start.

The right foundations

How to build the right foundations for your freelance business and research the market

Your turn

Your turn to research (plus potential questions you can ask!)

Enrolled Students Only

Branding 3 Lessons


Intro to branding


What is branding and how can you best discover your brand?

Your turn

Your turn plus brand discovery exercise

Enrolled Students Only

Your USP 5 Lessons


Intro to discovering your USP and niche

To niche or not to niche

The pros and cons of having a niche when starting out

Your USP

What is a USP and how to best identify your USP

Example USPs

Example of some popular USPs to inspire you

Your Turn

Your turn to discover your USP plus formula

Enrolled Students Only

Your Ideal Clients 3 Lessons


Intro to your ideal clients

Your Ideal Clients

How to best identify your ideal clients

Your Turn

Client discovery exercise

Enrolled Students Only

Client Strategy 8 Lessons


Intro to client strategy.

Where to find work

Where does your ideal client hang out? Where to best find work as a freelancer.

How to attract clients

How to attract your ideal clients

Social media marketing

How to best use social media to market your business and attract clients


LinkedIn prospecting and why it is an effective strategy for freelancers

Offline marketing

Effective traditional marketing for freelancers

Your turn

Your turn to put in place your client strategy

Content Repurpose Schedule

How to use the content repurpose schedule and download.

Enrolled Students Only

Client Calls, Proposals & Follow Up 5 Lessons


Intro to client calls, proposals and follow up

Client Calls

How to best conduct client calls for your optimum success

Discovery Calls

Discovery Calls & Free Consults. What are they and should you offer them? 


Client proposals & follow ups. Why they are important and what you should include.

Your Turn

Your turn plus client call prompt sheet and proposal template

Enrolled Students Only

Upwork & Online Job Boards 4 Lessons


Intro to job boards and Upwork


How to best use Upwork plus example proposal

Upwork Tips

More Upwork tips to land a client

Your Turn

Your turn plus sample proposal

Enrolled Students Only

Pricing 6 Lessons


Intro to pricing

What And How Should You Charge?

Pricing strategies for freelancers

Should You Display Your Prices?

Should you display your prices on your website and marketing materials? 

Common Mistakes To Avoid

Common mistakes to avoid as a freelancer to ensure you get paid

Red Flag Clients

Type of client to avoid if you want to get paid

Your Turn

Your pricing strategy

Enrolled Students Only

Essential Systems & Processes To Have In Place 6 Lessons


Intro to essential systems and processes to have in place


The importance of contracts and what to include

Systems & Processes To Have In Place

Essential systems and processes to have in place so your freelance business runs smoothly

Client Onboarding

Strategies and ideas for onboarding clients

The Freelancer's Toolkit

Must-have tools to run your freelance business

Your Turn

Your turn plus contact checklist

Enrolled Students Only

Effective Strategies To Build Your Audience 7 Lessons


Intro to audience building.

Email marketing

Email marketing for your freelance business


How to best use surveys


Collaboration as a strategy for building your audience

Case Studies & Testimonials

Case studies and testimonials to boost your authority and build your audience

Sales Funnels

An intro to sales funnels and how to use them to build your audience and get clients

Your Turn

Your turn plus case study template and client questionnaire

Enrolled Students Only

Boost Your Business 5 Lessons


Intro to boost your business.

Package Your Passion

How to package your passion and build your business


Upsells and cross-sells

Build Your Business Going Forward

Build your business going forward

Your Turn

Your turn

Enrolled Students Only

To Your Success! 5 Lessons


Intro to your success! 

Key Takeaway Points

Key takeaway points from this course.

Sharpen Your Saw

The importance of taking time out

Thank You & Resources

Useful resources plus feedback

Your Consultation Call

Don't forget your 45-minute consultation call.