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Content Creation

The Utterly Compelling LinkedIn Content Creator

9 Chapters 27 Lessons Easy

About this course


Learn LinkedIn basics through to more advanced strategies to help attract clients and boost your brand with your compelling content!

It's no secret that content really is king when it comes to LinkedIn.  

But what should you write about, and how do you come up with good ideas on a regular basis for LinkedIn posts and articles?

And what's more - where should you even start?

This short but comprehensive course has been specifically designed to help boost your creativity, improve your content and get your profile in tip-top shape. It has a particular focus on content creation.

The course covers:

  • YOUR PROFILE: What to include PLUS bonus tips.
  • YOUR SUMMARY: Top tips for writing a compelling summary that your audience will love.
  • YOUR LINKEDIN HEADLINEWhat to include, plus a special formula you can apply to make your headline 'pop'.
  • CONTENT: Your content strategy PLUS top tips for writing engaging posts.
  • ENGAGEMENT:  The 'rules' of LinkedIn engagement, how it can help you win clients and make valuable connections.
  • CONNECTIONS: Factors to take into account for your connection strategy.


  • A swipe file you can learn from and apply the principles to your own content.
  • A content repurpose scheduler you can use to help repurpose your own content across multiple platforms.
  • A FREE 15-minute profile review.


At the end of the course, you will be invited to take part in a 20-day challenge to further boost your LinkedIn profile with your content.

If you want to get serious about LinkedIn and become an utterly compelling content creator - this is the course for you!

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Please note this course has a no refund policy. 

Course Structure

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Introduction 2 Lessons


Welcome to The Utterly Compelling LinkedIn Content Creator Course.

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Your LinkedIn Profile - The Basics 4 Lessons

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Your LinkedIn Headline - PLUS Bonus Tips 3 Lessons

Your LinkedIn Headline

The first thing people see.

Bonus tips

The good stuff!

Your turn

Your turn plus worksheet.

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Your LinkedIn Summary 3 Lessons

Your LinkedIn Summary

I know in the first section I said your profile photo and headline were important, well, in my opinion, this next subject is even more important.  

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Content Is King 2 Lessons

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Types of LinkedIn Content 2 Lessons

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Rules of Engagement 3 Lessons

Enrolled Students Only

The LinkedIn Top 20 TURBO BOOSTER CHALLENGE 4 Lessons