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7 Things You Need to Know About AI Copywriting Tools

Let’s face it.

With the plethora of AI products on the market, it’s not surprising that many of us face the tyranny of choice when it comes to choosing the right one to help our business.

So many tools to choose from, so little time….or so it would seem.

Or maybe you’ve decided you are plain outright never going to use AI tools for your business?

Whatever your stand.

AI is here.

In this article, I provide an overview of CopyAI; an AI-enabled copywriting tool.

1. How it it’s going

OpenAI, a San Francisco based artificial intelligence research laboratory, opened Pandora’s Box in 2020 when they launched Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT - 3).

Many AI startups are now using this technology to launch their new tools.

However, not all AI tools are created equal.

One stand out product that’s been making a big splash in the copywriting industry is CopyAI.

Here's a quick look at it in action: ⤵️⤵️

CopyAI, as the name suggests, is an AI copywriting tool that markets itself as being able to ‘generate marketing copy in seconds’.

A proposition that could send cliched shivers down the spine of even the most confident copywriter. And get some of the less experienced or unsure ones running around like headless chickens clucking ‘Oh no! What about my job? What about my job?’.

Because let’s face it, nobody wants to lose their job to anyone, let alone AI.

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Or, at least, nobody wants to lose their job to AI without having something more lucrative to replace it with...hell, no!

But what if you could use it to improve your job and make you more money?

That’s exactly what tools such as CopyAI could do for copywriters and marketers if used wisely.

Let me explain.

2. It’s not sausage making!

A big part of a copywriter’s role is research and, for direct response copywriters, coming up with ‘the big idea’.

Once you’ve done all the groundwork, it’s about applying the right words at the right time, which is no mean feat in itself.

It’s a creative process, an art and a science. Good copy also requires a huge dollop of human psychology.

And that’s just for starters.

So a big part of making CopyAI work for you doesn’t only rely on just what you put in – but also how you assemble and ‘transcreate’ if you like, what it puts out.

For high-converting copy, it needs skilful and experienced human intervention.

No question.

It’s not a sausage machine.

In a handful of cases, CopyAI may well provide you with the short-form content you were looking for on the first run, but it needs a professional to fully understand the semantics and nuances of their target audience, and what you are trying to achieve.

And here’s the rub...

For now, AI writing tools need to have a human to create the right input as well as properly format the output.

In this sense, the correct output is by no means artificial.

At Kreativ Copywriting, we think carefully about what words we use and where.

It may not be fashionable – but it’s authentic and gets the right results.

And that's the difference.

As Robocop may or may not have said:

'To err is human, to balls things up completely requires unchecked AI output.’

3. Ideas, ideas everywhere!

The best use case I’ve found for CopyAI by far is idea generation.

It provides a super-booster charge to creativity when you need it most.

And boy, is it quick.

And, while procrastinating – sorry – waiting for the creative muse to appear – by staring aimlessly out of the window for hours on end could be defined as an integral part of the creative process, I prefer a little pick me up – especially when working to a deadline.

Yup – I know going outside for a long walk in nature, a good night’s sleep, and a spa weekend often do the trick – but sometimes it’s simply not convenient, is it? 

I would compare using CopyAI to having a pedal-assist e-bike instead of a ‘sit up and beg’ – I'm still putting the work in and doing the peddling, but I’m getting up that hill with less effort and much faster than you.

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AI is, in effect, offloading some of the mundane tasks when it comes to creativity and supercharging them.

CopyAI includes brainstorming tools to help you with viral, growth and startup ideas, as well as a range of blog writing, social media, product and web copy tools.

The sales copy tool range is particularly impressive and includes some well-known copy formulas. But again, unless you know what you are doing, simply copying the output could result in some unintended and undesired consequences.

Above all else, the CopyAI team demonstrate that they understand the role (and some of the frustrations) of being a copywriter.

For this reason, and from my experience of using it, I don’t view it as competition – but a welcome complementary tool.

For startups, it could give you that one super idea that will skyrocket your success.

Take a look at some of the tools available below: ⤵️⤵️

4. Never The Twain

Some AI tool creators seem to be putting two and two together and coming up with 57.

They are offering ‘solutions’ to problems that don’t really exist – or not enough of a problem that their poorly thought out tool can provide an adequate answer.

It’s as if they’ve got their mitts on GPT-3, seen the boundless potential, but not fully grasped the application, the limitations of GPT-3, or just executed whatever it is they’ve done poorly.

There’s that saying that when you have a hammer, every problem is a nail.

Creating AI tools in this scenario is like giving someone with little prior musical training a violin without the sheet music, conductor or orchestra to back them up.

Clearly, these are the products where the developers responsible haven't done their research correctly and are just jumping on the AI gold rush bandwagon.

And in the same way that it was the suppliers who made the real fortunes during the gold rush as opposed to the prospectors – in the AI gold rush, the one’s who provide the right ‘accessories’ to get the job done will eventually prosper.

5. Should you use CopyAI to write your copy or hire a copywriter?

For businesses looking to use CopyAI to craft their copy – with careful editing and adjustments, it can get you halfway there.

The rest, as they say, is up to you.

But remember, copy and paste is for amateurs.

I am sure some will see AI as a simple get out – to hire a team of 'writers' on the cheap, set up an 'agency' and then put their feet up and count the moolah.

But for those of us with more scruples, then the same rules apply that do now.

Poor quality copy is ineffective copy no matter who (or what) the author.

Which brings me nicely on to...

6. Will AI copywriting tools replace copywriters?

If you're a copywriter, CopyAI isn't going to do all of your job for you – but in my opinion, by including it in your repertoire, you can ensure that both now and in the future, you have the optimum tools at your disposal to perform your job well and provide the best value to your clients.

My advice to fellow copywriters who want to grow and prosper is, and always has been – Don’t just be a writer for hire.

Always look to be helping and adding extra value.

At the end of the day, that’s what good business is about – helping.

As to whether AI will eventually take over – the honest answer is, I don’t know.

At the time of writing, for the reasons above, from a copywriting perspective, it’s a definite ‘no’.

But in the same way that covering your eyes doesn't mean people can't see you - ignoring AI doesn't mean it's not here and won't have a significant impact on the way we live, work and play.

It will; it already has.

My advice is: Don’t get left behind.

7. Did I get paid to write this article?


But I am happy to affiliate to tools that I use, can optimise your content and are of benefit to others.

Check out CopyAI via my link here and start your free 7-day trial.

You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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