3 Things You Should Never Do With Your Email Marketing

I sign up to a lot of email newsletters.

Being a professional copywriter I feel it's part of my job to see what subject lines work and what don't, to carefully peruse the content and to generally always be learning new stuff...so that I can then pass on what I learn to my clients and blog post readers (that's YOU by the way).

The good thing is this means that, despite a cluttered inbox, I see the good, the bad and the downright ugly, it also means I can share with you some great tips.

So here goes with 3 things you should NEVER to do in email marketing.

1. Have a lead magnet which sucks

If you are enticing people onto your list by way of a lead magnet...please for the love of all things good in the world make sure it adds value and does what it says on the tin!

Recently I signed up to a list with a lead magnet that promised me the world, but all there was inside was useless fluff. It had more fluff than a giant sized teddy bear...nice pictures and all that...but nothing of any value.

That kind of set me up to what I knew was coming next...

2. All take and no give

What came next was a range of auto-responder emails asking me to buy the person's book.

Nothing in it for me, no value, no tips, no nothing, just zilch, zip, nada!.

Why would I buy that person's book when the first thing I download is a guide full of hot air, and then 3 emails asking me to buy their book...again with nothing of value in them either?

Doesn’t exactly build the brand trust, does it? If there is nothing of value in their lead magnet or their emails...what does it say about their book?

Not much I'm afraid.

3. Treat your list as an afterthought.

If I am on your list then I am special and I expect to be treated as such. After all, I am your potential client or lead.

So if I reach out to you by responding to your email which asks me to reach out to you...and then you don't even bother replying...then really you shouldn’t even have a list. In fact, you shouldn’t be running a business at all.

The people on your list are your potential customers, in fact some of them may already be your clients or customers.

Be consistent. Reply to queries. Stop making it all about yourself.

It really is that simple. Stop treating your list like it is an afterthought, one of those marketing things that you have to do to get more moolah. It's not. Good business has always been about building good relationships...and that's not changing anytime soon.

Okay, so that was a bit of a rant. I apologise, but these things matter.

Everyone bandies around the 'value' word nowadays but how many of us are actually providing it?

It's worth pondering on.

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